Top Seven Trends in Engagement Rings You Can’t Miss

This year, we've seen several new trends emerge in the world of engagement rings. From the rising popularity of Toi et Moi styles to the preference for larger and bolder center diamonds, it's clear that certain trends are here to stay, while others are fading away. Discover which engagement ring trends are gaining momentum and which ones are on the decline.


One of the year's biggest jewelry trends is the shift towards larger diamonds. Smaller, delicate center stones are losing popularity, especially as consumers realize they can get a larger, higher-quality diamond for the same price by choosing a lab-grown diamond. This trend towards larger stones is one of the most widespread in current diamond engagement ring styles. If you've dreamt of a striking rock on your finger, now is the perfect time to indulge!  


Custom engagement rings are a hot trend, and for good reason. This trend has been at the top for several years and shows no signs of fading. With the availability of custom-design services, couples can create rings that are truly unique and meaningful. They can add layers of symbolism and personal stories to their future heirlooms. Among all the current engagement ring trends, custom designs are the most exciting for us. From colored gemstones to reworked heirlooms to custom-cut diamonds, we've had the pleasure of bringing countless unique engagement rings to life for our creative and thoughtful customers.  


Recently, there has been a surge in the popularity of newly popular diamond shapes in the realm of engagement rings. Although round diamonds remain a classic choice and are unlikely to fade in popularity, elongated fancy cuts such as ovals, emeralds, radiants, and elongated cushions have been steadily gaining traction. While ovals have maintained their popularity this year, emeralds and radiants are also garnering more attention. The elongated shapes of these diamonds have a stunning and flattering effect on the finger, making them an enticing option for many.


One of the latest trends in classic engagement rings is the resurgence of platinum and white gold. These silvery-white metals have made a comeback, drawing attention away from rose gold and catching up to yellow gold. The popularity of platinum and white gold in engagement rings was somewhat expected, given their past periods of dominance. Many people appreciate the monochromatic look these metals create when paired with diamonds. Additionally, platinum offers the added benefits of durability and being more allergy-friendly than gold.


One of the most delightful trends in engagement rings right now is the art of stacking! By pairing wedding sets and stacks, a simple solitaire or minimalist style can transform into a fully personalized, dazzling display. With a plethora of straight and contour wedding bands available, the combinations are virtually limitless. What's more, stacking becomes a fun and versatile option, as you can mix and match depending on your mood and the occasion. The latest trends include combining diamond bands with metal-forward styles, stacking different sizes and designs of diamond wedding bands, and adding unique contour bands for a touch of personality and flair. Whether you're looking for the perfect wedding band or dreaming of your ideal stack, we're here to help you find the perfect combination!


When exploring current engagement ring trends, it's essential to highlight the standout of the year: Toi et Moi rings. Translating to "you and me" in French, these rings beautifully symbolize the union between two individuals. This romantic concept has experienced a resurgence, with two diamonds representing the couple's coming together. To add versatility, consider pairing a diamond with a colored gemstone or opting for two complementary colored gemstones. Our jewelry store in Marin County offers three distinct Toi et Moi style rings: The Great You and Me, the You and Me Bypass Ring, and Little You and Me. Each ring is fully customizable to align with your preferences and personality.


One of the most exciting trends in engagement rings in recent years is the freedom to personalize your ring. Modern couples increasingly opt for unique designs and meaningful touches, rather than following traditional styles or expectations. This trend reflects a shift towards prioritizing personal preferences over external influences, resulting in truly individualized rings. So, if you're inspired to break away from conventional norms and create a ring that speaks to your heart, don't hesitate to explore your unique vision. Our team is here to support you in bringing your dream ring to life!